Partner with Opus Journal: Reseller Program

At Opus Journal, we believe in the power of collaboration and shared success. Our Reseller Program is designed for forward-thinking individuals and organizations looking to amplify their impact in the knowledge-sharing ecosystem. Join us as a reseller and become an integral part of our mission to foster collaboration and advance knowledge worldwide.

Why partner Opus Journal as reseller

1. Unique Expansion of Your Portfolio: Diversify your product or service offerings by  taping into a specialised market of researchers, academics, and knowledge enthusiasts eager for high-quality content and collaboration opportunities.

2. Generous Commissions: Earn competitive commissions on every sale, creating a lucrative revenue stream for your business.

3. Personal CRM monitoring system: You are getting a state-of-the-art monitoring system to track your earnings, contracts, offers, contacts, and much more.

4. Marketing Support: Benefit from our marketing resources and support to enhance your outreach efforts and drive success in promoting Opus Journal.

How to Become a Reseller Partner

1. Initial Discussion: Schedule a virtual meeting with our team to discuss the Reseller Program in detail, including commission structures, marketing support, and mutual expectations.

2. Agreement: Once both parties are aligned on the terms, we’ll work together to finalise a Reseller Agreement that outlines our collaboration.

3. Onboarding and Support: Receive comprehensive onboarding, training, and ongoing support to ensure a seamless integration into the Opus Journal Reseller Program.

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