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Because science works the best when research is open!

Maximizing the impact 

The Best Value

Open Access Publishing platform simple to set up, simple to use. None of the complexities you don’t need.

Easy Start

It takes just a few hours to set up your journal, configure your server, and start running Opus Journal.

Support and Training

Journal support & user support for all editors, authors, and reviewers & software training at no additional cost.


From submission to publication a range of unique features  you’ve been looking for.

Third party integration

A range of third-party integrations. Let us do the hard work of API integration & remote linking.

Import content

Moving legacy content from another hosting platform to Opus Journal is quick and simple.


Instant access to features- you won’t have to wait for or install improvements.


Accurately maintain design and brand consistency -quickly and easily create modern journal websites.

Technologies designed specifically for Open Access publishers

Fully hosted and managed online service: hassle-free setup and maintenance

Automatically enhance your journal's data from industry-standard databases integrations

Seamlessly move manuscripts from peer review to production to publication

Automatically apply metadata from manuscript peer-review and send it to remote indexing services

See the complete picture, including authors, reviewers, funders, organizations, article workflow & more

Optimize the health of your journal with data-driven technology

OPUS Journal - Open Access Publishing With Unique Simplicity

A role-based platform

Trusted by Editors, Loved by Authors, Endorsed by Reviewers

Receive content

Easy-to-use self-service tools for your authors

Automatic author notifications, work smarter, not harder

Peer review content

Build out reviewer database and track Editor's performance

Speed up communication, assess and improve your peer review process

Metadata deposits

Deposit article-level metadata to third parties for wider reach

Manage metadata extraction and indexing automatically


Give your readers the best experience possible

Articles are beautifully displayed in journal websites — no redirects

Integrated open data for scholarly publishers

Crossref metadata

Automate metadata deposits and DOIs registration, to make articles easier to find and cite online.

DOAJ indexing​

Automated metadata deposits for Journals that have been included.


Streamline your processes and improve discoverability and publication tracking.

ROR iDs 

Get names right, match research organizations with a unique persistent identifier and associated metadata.

Immediate Google Scholar indexing

Google Scholar will automatically crawl all of your articles for improved search with no work on your part.

News & Insights

Our latest news & industry insights shared with you

Let’s talk about how to move your journal in a new direction.