Journal “Nauka i tehnologija” is an international, cross-disciplinary, open access, peer-reviewed journal that publishes research


  • Prolonged DOI registration delays led to dissatisfaction among authors.
  • Journal struggled to maintain competitiveness and credibility due to registration bottlenecks.
  • Manual DOI management consumed editors’ time, hindering their core editorial duties.
  • Authors faced frustrating waiting periods for articles to receive DOIs.


  • Migration to Opus Journal streamlined DOI registration to a few clicks.
  • Integration with Crossref expedited DOI validation and assignment.
  • Robust peer review system, CMS solution, and advisory services provided a holistic management framework.
  • Customizable interface facilitated the creation of a unique, branded journal identity.


  • 32% increased visibility within the biomedical field.
  • 12% surge in the number of authors contributing to the journal.
  • 48% increase in article submissions due to simplified DOI registration.
  • 37% reduction in editors’ workload related to DOI management.
  • Consolidated metrics, Crossref integration, TrendMD indexing, and seamless reference/citation imports.
  • Establishment of the journal as a prominent biomedical publication due to efficiency improvements and growth.